Detailed Slip & Fall Weather Analysis

Evaluate ongoing storm or melt/refreeze scenarios with expert opinions from a forensic meteorologist.

Hail Verification Reports

Professional meteorologist delivered, site-specific analysis, using storm reports & radar verification.

Severe Weather Reconstruction

Detailed review of rainfall & wind speeds, along with determining whether there was advanced notice.

Forensic Hurricane Reports

Track the storm from its inception to impact on the subject property.

Vision & Visibility Issues for Vehicular Accidents

Utilize astronomical and visibility information to narrow down the cause of accident.


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When You Think Past Weather, Think WeatherWorks

For more than 30 years, the expert Meteorologists at WeatherWorks have investigated and evaluated past weather data to prepare certified, professional reports for any date or location in the United States. Our staff of expert Meteorologists have over 40 years of experience, including two who have received the distinguished and recognized Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) designation by the American Meteorological Society.

We understand the importance of remaining relevant in the advances of technology to best serve our clientele. Our company fundamentals and values are based on the scientific principles of meteorology, years of experience and continued education.

We are Experienced

Customized Reports to Fit Your Specific Needs

cases completed nationally,
providing certified past weather reports, certified weather data, weather expert testimony, and specific answers to questions posed by law firms, insurance companies, engineering firms and many more.

Snow & Ice Accumulation
Lightning Strikes
Return Periods & Unusual Events
High Winds
Lighting Conditions
Extreme Heat & Cold

We Know Past Weather

The Benefits of Having an Expert on Your Side

Lightning Strikes
Lighting Conditions

Plaintiff slipped and fell on snow/ice in a parking lot during the afternoon of March 2, 2018. At the time of the slip & fall, a storm was ongoing with heavy snow and gusty winds. The National Weather Service had a Winter Weather Advisory and High Wind Warning in effect. Summary judgment was granted in favor of the defense.

Plaintiff was pouring concrete on a roof when they were fatally struck by lightning. A Special Weather Statement was issued by the National Weather Service indicating a storm was in the area and could produce frequent dangerous cloud to ground lightning strikes, with additional forecasts for thunderstorms up to 72 hours in advance. Lightning was visible in the distance as the storm approached the area according to witness testimony.

Plaintiff was crossing the street on a bicycle when an oncoming car struck them. Defendant claimed they could not see the plaintiff due to the sun hitting the trees and casting shadows on the road. The altitude and azimuth angles of the sun had to be calculated to show that the sun would not have produced any glare that would have impaired the driver's vision.

Our Certified Past Weather Reports

Looking for a meteorologist to provide valuable & explicit expert opinions within a reasonable degree of Meteorological and scientific certainty?

  • WeatherWorks provides a complete analysis of meteorological data pertinent to your case, claim, or incident
  • Daily & hourly weather tables, along with detailed written weather summaries, are provided to help establish a proper weather foundation, elevate planning strategies, and corroborate various observations
  • Provide us with incident documents, such as Deposition transcripts, Interrogatories, police reports, snow plowing contracts, adversarial expert reports, or photographs for review and interpretation
  • Schedule a site inspection for a detailed analysis of the incident location

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Our Expert Meteorologists are Dedicated to Providing Exactly What Your Case Needs

Frank Lombardo

AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist

Frank is the Founder, President, and CEO of WeatherWorks, LLC. He is the Lead Forensic Consulting Meteorologist and has been producing past weather reports for over 30 years. Frank is designated as a Certified Consulting Meteorologist by the American Meteorological Society.

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Thomas M. Else

Senior Forensic Meteorologist
AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist

Thomas M. Else has been working alongside Frank at WeatherWorks, LLC for over 25 years. Tommy is our Senior Forensic Meteorologist, a Certified Consulting Meteorologist by the American Meteorological Society, and a SIMA Advanced Snow Manager certificate holder.

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Sherilyn Patrick

Director of Forensic Services
M.S. in Applied Meteorology

Sherilyn is the Director of Forensic Services at WeatherWorks, LLC. She possesses a Bachelors from Rutgers University as well as a Masters from Mississippi State University.

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Zach Chabala

Forensic Meteorologist

Zach is a Forensic Meteorologist at WeatherWorks, LLC. He possesses a Bachelors from Penn State University, and has previously interned with the National Weather Service.


We have Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

We offer a wide array of reports and services directly related to past weather. In addition to providing a detailed review of the weather conditions at hand, we can also comment on the use of deicers. Please give us a call at 908-867-8350 for additional inquiries about our services and associated pricing or call to get a free initial consultation regarding a case.

What data sources do you utilize to construct your reports?

We mainly use certified NCEI (National Center for Environmental Information) sources such as local climatological data and radar. This data is supplemented by products from the National Weather Service like local storm reports and public information statements. All this data can be supplemented with MADIS (Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System) and Sun & Moon data from the US Navy. We then plot the incident location in relation to the data sources above. At that time, we utilize our expertise to create a site-specific analysis of the weather for the incident in question to provide an easy to understand and detailed certified past weather report.

Do you work on Plaintiff or Defense cases?

We are proud to work for both Plaintiff & Defense attorneys for all their weather needs.

What states have you been admitted as an expert?

We have done Certified Past Weather Reports and have been admitted as weather experts in nearly all 50 states.

How can I make my request?

You can make an account here to submit your request, or email us at for an authorization form. Otherwise, give us a call at 908.867.8350 for a free consultation regarding your case.